Below are the 100 high frequency words in phases.
Children are working at phase 2, 3 and starting phase 4 in foundation stage, class 1. In year 1 they work through the rest of phase 4 and into phase 5 and year 2 work through phase 6.
Phonetically decodable words are in green, to visually represent to the children they need to apply their phonic knowledge and skills, whereas the high frequency ‘tricky words’ are in red.

Phase 2
Decodable words Tricky words
a had the
an back to
as and I
at get no
if big go
in him into
is his
it not
of got
off up
on mum
can but
dad put (north)


Phase 3
Decodable words Tricky words
will see you he
that for they she
this now all we
then down are me
them look my be
with too her was



Phase 4
Decodable words Tricky words
went said were
it’s have there
from like little
children so one
just do when
help some out
come what



Phase 5Note that some of the words that were tricky in earlier phases become fully decodable in Phase 5
Decodable words Tricky Words
don’t day oh
old made their
I’m came people
by make Mr
time here Mrs
house saw looked
about very called
your put (south) asked