About Us

School Governors choose to do the role for many different reasons. Here are some some personal reasons why our Governors chose to become Governors.  

I have been a governor for nearly two years and have enjoyed making a difference at North Road and playing a part in helping the school improve what it offers pupils and their parents. My favourite aspect has been the opportunity to get involved in giving extra support to the football club and school football team and seeing the children of all abilities improve and enjoy participating. The team have had recent on field success, they have a super new kit and better equipment, including brand new goalposts so they can host local school matches and train on the field. I’ve found the governors a very supportive bunch. I very much learnt on the job with no previous school experience. I’ve tried to bring my own work skills to the role to boost North Road and would recommend it to any parents looking to do a little bit more to support the school going forward.

TIM, Co-opted Governor (parent)

I have a granddaughter at NRCPS.  I can think of no better way to invest in her future that to be involved in her school.  Governors have a key role in raising standards and their views can impact greatly on the future direction and effectiveness of the school.  It’s a voluntary role by the ‘payback’ in so many way is enormous!

SUE, Co-opted Governor

I joined the Governing Body over 4 years ago simply because my children are at the school.  However, the role has offered so much more; working as part of a great team, I have contributed directly to ensuring that the school does its best for all pupils and is always striving to find new ways to improve.

NEV, Co-opted Governor (parent)

I became a school Governor to help me understand better how our children are educated. Our teachers have amazing but very difficult jobs, and I believe that by supporting our school and teachers, we are supporting and improving our children’s education.

KERRY, Parent Governor

Like all parents, I only want the best for my children so being part of the Governing committee is extremely rewarding. I really enjoy being able to understand the inner workings of the school, getting to know the teachers and teaching community, and offer my views and perspectives, all to benefit the school, and of course the best of the Children of North Road Primary School.  

CERI, Co-opted Governor (parent)

It is a privilege to work alongside others to guide and direct the school to achieve its full potential.

MIKE, Co-opted Governor

For me wanting to become a school governor was about learning more about the way the school is run, not just physically but also from a governance perspective.  The behind the scenes decision making it takes to keep the wheels turning, the teachers and pupils happy and the status quo intact.  

It has become ever more apparent to me whilst talking with other parents from out of this area, how lucky we are with the school our children attend.  The ethos that’s followed embodies the level of respect that the pupils show for one another and for the teachers and other staff, and it’s clear our school feels warm and inviting.  

To me our children are treated as individuals with voices that are heard, and believe this is not the norm in some schools.  

As a parent I want to learn more about what influences the curriculum and how learning strategies are developed.  To gain a better understanding of the standards set by being able to actively visit the school and see learning in action.   I have a personal interest in the well-being of all children, having fostered for many years for the LA.  Therefore this seemed like a perfect opportunity to gain a better understanding of what’s offered today via our primary education system, to children in need of a little extra support.

KATY, Parent Governor