About Us

School Governors choose to do the role for many different reasons. Here are some some personal reasons why our Governors chose to become Governors.  

Having worked with the school for many years in my professional role, I have always felt welcomed and been part of the family. I wanted to become a school governor to give something back to the school by being able to support all the staff, children and parents not just with my ‘work hat’ on.  North Road is a wonderful school which treats everyone as an individual, with well-being at the heart of everything they do.  I want to be part of that family and support the school on its journey.

LIZ, Co-opted Governor

I have a granddaughter at NRCPS.  I can think of no better way to invest in her future that to be involved in her school.  Governors have a key role in raising standards and their views can impact greatly on the future direction and effectiveness of the school.  It’s a voluntary role by the ‘payback’ in so many way is enormous!

SUE, Co-opted Governor

I became a school Governor to help me understand better how our children are educated. Our teachers have amazing but very difficult jobs, and I believe that by supporting our school and teachers, we are supporting and improving our children’s education.

KERRY, Parent Governor

I chose to become a governor at North Road Primary for several reasons. I’m a retired teacher and still feel very strongly about both the well-being and education of children. As a governor I’m able to support the Headteacher, staff, pupils and fellow colleagues to build upon the outstanding commitment and practices I have observed and witnessed in school. Whilst teaching I visited many schools and North Road stood out for its warmth, happy engaged pupils and family atmosphere. I feel very lucky to be part of this now. 

FRAN, Co- opted Governor

It is a privilege to work alongside others to guide and direct the school to achieve its full potential.

MIKE, Co-opted Governor

Did you know that when you look at stars, you are actually looking back in time because it takes light thousands of years to reach Earth? Or, that there are around 1,025,000 words in the English Language? These are just some of the incredible things our children have their eyes and imaginations opened to at school. It is our teachers and teaching assistants that do this!

I became a Governor because I wanted to be part of this learning journey our children go on and to help, support and encourage the teaching staff. With 3 children who will all pass through the doors of North Road I have a vested interest to ensure the school achieves its aims and objectives in order to develop our children to the best of their abilities. School is about so much more than academic learning and it’s great to be part of a governing body that looks at the whole picture.

NICOLA, Parent Governor

I have worked at North Road for the past 6 years and love the community feel.  Working with the children in school gives me great job satisfaction.

I decided to become a Staff Governor as my passion is to support the children to achieve and thrive as they go through school on their learning journey.  I look forward to working with my fellow Governors to ensure the children are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential and succeed in their learning in a rich curriculum environment.

AMY, Teaching Staff Governor