Holiday Absences

The Department for Education has set new Education Regulations. Our School Policy (in line with the DFE Education Regulations and local schools) states that parents may request a holiday if there is exceptional circumstances. This request must be put in writing as a letter to the Head Teacher, at least 2 weeks before, fully explaining the reason for the request.

The Head Teacher will consider each request carefully and will look at the child’s attendance over the last 12 months. Permission for absence will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, when the reason for the request is very clear.


School starts at 8.45 am. After this, your child should enter via the Office, so that the register can be updated and a school meal booked if necessary. Lessons start promptly and your child will miss important instructions if they miss the beginning. Please also be punctual for the pick-up at the end of the day at 3.15 pm.

Child Protection

This school, as all schools in this LA, is committed to the protection of children in partnership with families and relevant agencies. This means that the school has a duty to follow the agreed Child Protection Procedures for South Gloucestershire. Any suspicion or allegation of child abuse will be followed via the department for Children’s Social Services in the best interests of the child concerned.


We need to know each day if a child is absent, so please telephone between 8.30 and 9.00am. Our current school attendance target is 96%. You will be kept informed via the newsletter as to how we are doing.