From September 2021, we are introducing a new approach to writing with the help of Jane Considine’s ‘The Write Stuff’ and the ‘Writing Rainbow’. With this approach children will focus on the three zones of writing: 

  • Ideas
  • Techniques
  • Tools 

In the ideas of writing, there are nine areas that the children will consider: These are known as the Fantastics.


In the techniques of writing, there are 9 techniques that the children will consider. These are known as the Boomtastics. 

In the tools of writing, there are nine grammatical tools that the children will consider: 

  • A – Adverbs 
  • B – Basics
  • C – Complex sentences 
  • D – Dialogue 
  • P – Purpose 
  • P – Paragraphs 
  • P – Active or passive voice 
  • P – Past or present tense 
  • P – Punctuation 

Sentence stacking

In lessons teachers’ will model writing through a process known as ‘Sentence stacking’. This is where the teacher will break a piece of writing into manageable chunks. They will model each chunk first and then the children will then have a go at writing their chunk of the text using the modelled writing as a support. Children will then be brought back together and the next chunk will be modelled. This strategy slows down the writing process to ensure that children have a clear picture of the tools and techniques they need to include, which in turn supports them in achieving higher standards of writing.