Legally, children must attend school from the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday.  However, it is the policy of South Gloucestershire to admit children to school the September following their fourth birthday.  School applications are carried out online (Click here) but, if you do not have internet access, application forms can be obtained from school in the September of the year before children are due to start.  We organise a meeting for parents considering applying to the school and tours of the school in the Autumn term.  Please contact the school for further details.

We then organise visits for parents and pre-school pupils to come into school after Easter.  Parents are invited to meet the Reception class team and are provided with starting school information.  The children will be given a work-book which they can complete with you at home and bring back to school. In the Autumn term, before school starts, we will be arranging home visits with you.

As in other local schools, children in the Reception class attend school on a part-time basis at the beginning of the Autumn term.  The class will attend mornings and then move on to alternate full and part days for the first few weeks of term.  This helps the children get to know their new class teacher and other adults in school, as well as other children in a smaller group. The children become familiar with the classroom and school layout and they develop confidence in school routines. If parents wish to postpone entry until the Spring or Summer term, this is possible, so please discuss this with the Headteacher.

Currently we admit 15 children each year.

If you wish your child to join the school during the academic year, please contact us on 01454 867788.  We can then arrange a visit and give you an application form. The Local Authority (LA) will confirm your child’s place at North Road on receipt of the application form, provided spaces are available.