OfSTED said…

“This is a good school”

“The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. There is a supportive family feel to the school which never compromises its effectiveness.”

“Most parents are very happy with the school and, as one parent described, ‘there is always a lovely buzz’ of activity. Another parent summed up the views of others by explaining that ‘I am very happy with this school and I think the teachers and governors are doing a good job. My children are clearly progressing very well… My children are happy and confident and enjoy attending the school.’ ”

“When we visited classes, it was evident that pupils know what they are learning and are clear about the way in which teachers mark their work.”

“Pupils use their mathematical skills well when they explore interesting topics, such as ‘Brunel’s brilliant Bristol’ and ‘Should we go to India?’”

“Pupils report that they feel very safe in school and know that they can speak to any member of staff about a problem or concern. They are very clear about keeping safe when using the internet and know how to avoid falling victim to cyber bullying.”

“I was impressed by the pupils’ strong level of tolerance and understanding towards any classmates who find it difficult conforming to school routines.”

“Pupils have a strong understanding of the impact absence has on their progress and show a mature responsibility to attending school regularly. They explain that if they are away from school they will have ‘lost learning time’. The pupils have developed a competitive edge to attendance, punctuality and no lateness. This is because of the much-coveted weekly ‘PAL’ class award which they are all eager to win. Pupils encourage both classmates and parents to ensure that they are in with a chance to win ‘Pal the parrot’ for a week.”